Callum's Corner Commends the Clothing!

Callum's Corner Commends the Clothing!

We recently sent out a selection of our shirts to well-known YouTube content creator Callum Adams (aka Callums Corner) for him to review in his latest fashion vlog.

Callum frequently creates content on YouTube or in his spare time streams games on Twitch. He joined YouTube on 4th January 2016, his channel standing at 330k subscribers and still growing in numbers. His YouTube videos range from slice of life vlogs, challenges, meme reviews, diss tracks and so much more. There’s nothing off the cards in the corner!

In his recent video titled:

Unboxing My NEW JORDANS & Other Designer Items”.

Callum was delighted to find four of our latest designed tees and pet bandana featuring the Snazz Dragon logo, specially selected for his lovable Saint Bernard, Lenny!

As you can tell the bandana was very well received by Lenny just as much as the shirts were from Callum.

In true “alpha-male” fashion, Callum donned his garments with some of the boldest poses seen in a fashion video to date. We must say that the shirts paired rather nicely with his new ensemble.

Callum described the shirts as “vibrant, great quality and a perfect fit”, also describing the Snazz Dragon Logo Tee as “slightly more understated but equally bloody cool!”, followed by what we can only assume were dances of sheer glee as he twirled and transitioned between each shirt giving his overall thoughts and feelings. Cthulhu’s Sushi Bar Tee being “Hands down my favourite!” by Callum. Cthulhu’s Sushi Bar Tee has truly been our star with you lovely folks at home swiping them up like hot cakes! But don’t worry, they’re likely back in-stock by the time you’re reading this!

“Looking good, feeling great!” is all Callum could conclude with and honestly he truly was looking good and we were feeling equally as great seeing him in the finest the horde has to offer. 

His fashion vlog has been greatly anticipated by the team working the dragon’s den. As soon as the video went live our entire team was watching. After many moons of work on our designs and weeks of preparing a batch to safely make its way to the Isle of Wight, we were biting our nails at the king of the corners response. We have never been so satisfied to see such a happy pair of man and dog, truly showing how snazzy they really are! 


From all of the Snazz Dragon team, we would like to thank Callum for his thoughtful gesture of reviewing our shirts and giving us such honest and kind feedback. But also sharing them with the rest of the corner! Although we can’t forget to thank members of the corner for not only supporting Callum’s content but also taking the time to visit us and acquiring some slice of snazz for yourselves. 

It’s been a massive honour to serve you all and we plan to provide you all with more in the future!

Remember folks... 


Stay Snazzy!


Snazz Dragon.