Introducing Midwinter Minis!

Introducing Midwinter Minis!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at the Snazz Dragon lair. Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on a lot of new projects for the future. One project being to expand our horizons. In our efforts a mighty fine start to a brand new collection is here...

Yes that’s right! We’re proud to announce that we are the brand new one-stop spot for all your Midwinter Minis merch! And must I say Guy is a rather dashing model…

Starting with the Midwinter Minis Logo Tee we plan to build a new line of apparel and merchandise in collaboration with your favourite Colchester miniature painters and wargamers.

Midwinter Minis is a fantastic channel for all your miniature & wargaming needs. They provide painting tutorials, tips & advice and awesomely put together battle reports. They have a huge welcoming community of YouTube subscribers and Patreons, sharing their awesome bits of the hobby. If you’re new then we most certainly recommend you check them out. [Click Here]


It’s been a great opportunity to work with Guy, not only as fans of the channel but as passionate members of the miniature & wargaming community. Snazz Dragon is striving to create new connections, which not only help make new products, but also take further steps forward with making an impact on our many beloved communities that inspire what we do.

Be sure to check out the collection! And if you're a Midwinter Minis Patreon, then check into Midwinter Minis page for an exclusive discount. 

[See The Merch]